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Electron on Windows and Linux

Create offline executable from your online app

For a long time the developer had to decide whether to develop for the web or for an offline enironment. It required a different mindset, different approach and - in most cases - different audience. Nowadays this gap narrowed down drastically. One of the various techniques of developing to offline and online in paralel is Electron. I used it to create a Windows executable to the Simplex project. So basically what you see on the site also works in a Windows 10 environment.


Gulp - creating multiple code releases

Creating different versions of the same code

How to create various different releases from the same Javascript codebase using Gulp, Gulp Watch and Browserify. How to exclude part of the code in one case and build the full code in another.


The Sharded database structure

Making use of a good-old technique in case of DB meltdown

Imagine you have 100K+ records of articles, 10K+ users that can access part of these articles (so the user table correlates somehow to the article table) and dozens of tables belonging to the articles like features, shops these articles are available at, various price information, etc. And now you want to make a real time search with a particular user.


Creating a site with Pelican and Heroku

Utilizing two powerful technologies for easy web publishing

Sometimes you just want to create a new webpage fast, without too much hassle, with having a domain, features like templating capabilities and a simple (and maybe free) hosting solution. This is the case when a static site generator and Heroku comes handy.