CMS with Django

A feature-rich, affordable and easy-to-use CMS

Posted by creatic on Mon 02 March 2020

The need for a CMS

Content Management Systems are here since the dawn of dynamic pages. You must have heard about Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, but there are many other alternatives for blogging or site building. From the Client perspective a CMS is a perfect solution to have a customized website which is extendable with new articles, pages and functionalities. It is a good starting point for a continous enhancement of your company, product or professional public profile.

Django CMS

Django CMS is a Django based CMS solution. The reason I choosed over other competitors because I found it has the right balance between complexity and usability and liked the features offered for the developer and content editor. For me as a developer it is important to be able to setup a new project fast, to integrate practically any theme and make it changeable by the content editor with a reasonable work. For the content editor it is important to be able to edit and maintain the site with ease. The menu and the UI of the Django CMS admin is self-explanatory and even the sophisticated features can be learned with a little effort.

Real-life usage

I created various sites with different design sets using Django CMS: personal blogs, startup sites, company profiles.
Each has something different in it's target audience, it's content, it's design. And each has a common usage pattern where the client - the content writer needs a customized site but wants to keep the ability of updating and changing the content - adding pages, articles an even more complex content like carousel, video, Google Map, etc.

Coaching in Nature

The result is quite impressive: Django CMS is not just a content manager. Because of it's Django backend it can handle really complex use-cases where the content is just one component of the site - other functionality is also important.


With theming - the site can have a unique layout, design or feature-rich content. The editability is still possible.


Forms, user registration and custom backend database can also be added.